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Jason In Eureka: an epic adventure in search of golden fleece and other local treasures

August 2009

Written by Peter Howard

Directed by Laurie Woolery

Performed at the Blue Ox Millworks and Historic Park in Eureka, Ca, in Humboldt County.

August 6th-8th


Jason in Eureka, an epic adventure in search of golden fleece and other local treasures

 is a modern Eureka-specific retelling of the mythic adventures of Jason and his epic quest for the Golden Fleece

Meet Jason, a young warrior with physical and emotional wounds, who has taken to sleeping on the lawn of a west side Eureka Victorian house. Here, two stories unfold: the epic adventures of Jason’s quest to capture the fabled Golden Fleece, and the local reactions to this mysterious stranger’s presence in an eclectic Eureka neighborhood.  Playwright Peter Howard mixes elements of the classic tale of Jason & the Argonauts with realities of present-day Eureka, blurring the lines between mythic heroes and the local heroes that exist every day around us.

A collaboration with the community of Eureka in Humboldt County. The cast of 37 included 30 community members and 14 local residents also served on the technical crew. Performed at Blue Ox Millworks and Historic Park.


Written by Peter Howard

Directed by Laurie Woolery

Scenic Design- Nephelie Andonyadis

Costume Design- Meghan E. Healy

Lighting Design- Geoff Korf

Sound Design- Benajah Cobb

Choreography- Peter DiMuro

Original Music- Michele Denise Michaels and Michael Gittens

Lyrics- Michael Gittens and Peter Howard

Stage Manager- Marisa Fritzemeier

Executive Producer- Melody D. Kanschat


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