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Title, Premiere and Location


The Auditorium at Seward Park High School in New York City Lower East Side, New York

April 17-18, 1997



Written By

Adapted from Shakespeare and Fletcher's THE TWO NOBLE KINSMEN

Producein Collaboration with The Public Theater/New York Shakespeare Festival
Written by Alison Carey

Translations by Cai Wei Chen, Carolina Marte, and Kadery Moinuddin 



A contemporary musical adaptation of Shakespeare and Fletcher's Two Noble Kinsmen produced in association with the New York Shakespeare Festival/Public Theater at Seward Park High School with the participation of 200 students.
As hosted by the Public and in collaboration with over 200 students at Seward Park High School on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Cornerstone created an hour-long version Shakespeare and Fletcher’s The Two Noble Kinsmen with dialogue and song lyrics in Bengali, English, Mandarin, and Spanish.



Adapted by Alison Carey and the Cast and Community

Director - Bill Rauch

Assistant Director and Choreographer - Sabrina Peck

Composers - Shishir Kurup and Michael Keck

Set and Costume Designer - Lynn Jeffries

Lighting Designer - Alison Brummer

Sound Designer - Susan Ash

Properties Designer - Page Leong and Armando Molina

Assistant Costume Designer - Rosa Mora, Iris Petrovich

Projection Designers/Set Crew - Kirah C. Goodridge, Jin Hai Lin, Zhi Ying Luo, Sophia Ma, Nicole Williams, Angel Guzman

Producers - Steven Tabakin, Leslie Tamaribuchi

Production Manager - Kai Brothers

Production Advisors - Geoff Korf, Benajah Cobb

Stage Managers - Maria Knapp

PR Coordinator - Christopher Liam Moore

Running Crew - Jonathan Contreras, Ingry De Jesus, Arlene Garcia, Marcos Pantaleon, Marta Perez, Paola Ramirez

Spotlight Operators - Jin Hai Lin, Justin

Light Borad Operator - Angel Guzman

Follow Spot Operator - Justin Ortiz

Sound Board Operator - Nicoletta Arlia





Theseus, director of the Adolescent Containment Center John Little
Hippolyta, his fiancee and another ACC director Page Leong
Emilia, a student who works at the ACC Paola A. Soto
Students at the ACC Shirine Andrews, Vanessa Bennett, Frank Brantley, Margo Brooks, Genova Brunson, Cai Wei Chen, Marika Comrie, Jennie Estevez, Oscar Estevez, Randy Feliciano, Kassim Johnson, Christy Ma, Kadery Moinuddin, Yahaira Paulino, Noele E. Philips, Kieffer Ramirez, Alex Serrata, Arna Trinidad
Adults Kathleen Turco-Lyon, Jeff Sugarman, Alfred Rowe
Palamon, a studdent Anthony Gonzalez, Jr.
Arcite, his cousin, another student Jacob Garcia
Detention Center Tutors Margo Brooks, Yahaira Paulino, Christy Ma
Detention Center Guard Armando Molina
Guard's Daughter Tracy Perez
Officer Christopher Liam Moore
Students Outside the School Kassim Johnson, Cai Wei Chen, Kadery Moinuddin, Randy Feliciano
Guardians of the Guard's Daughter Shrine Andrews, Jennie Estevez, Christy Ma, Yahaira Paulino, Noele E. Philips, Ana Trinidad
Studnets on the Street Shirine Andrews, Marika Comrie, Noele E. Philips, Ana Trinidad
Wooer of the Guard's Daughter Cai Wei Chen
Guard's Son Kieffer Ramirez
Doctor Christopher Liam Moore
Musicians Abimael Ortiz, Alfred Rowe, Jeff Sugarman



Comments by cast, crew, and other participants.

Subsequent Performances or Productions

Special Notes

Articles, Reviews, and other Links





The Two Noble Brothers, an adaptation from Shakespeare/Fletcher performed with a cast including Lower East Side high school students.

1997 Lower East Side, New York -


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