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Title, Premiere and Location


Premiered June 28, 1991 in Norcatur, Kansas


The tour played the following cities and dates:


Norcatur, Kansas June 28, 29
Marmarth, North Dakota July 5, 6
Long Creek, Oregon July 12, 13
Schurz, Nevada July 18, 19
Marfa, Texas July 26, 27
Port Gibson, Mississippi August 2, 3
Miami, Florida August 9, 10
Montgomery, West Virginia August 16, 17
Dinwiddie, Virginia August 22, 23
Eastport, Maine August 29, 30
Boston, Massachusetts Septenber 4, 5
New York, New York September 9, 10
Washington, DC September 13, 14





Written By




A musical adaptation of Shakespeare with a cast and crew of 50 from all 12 previous residency communities; toured 10,000 miles, culminating Cornerstone's national touring phase. BRIDGE SHOW: National Tour (13 states



The program lists staff and cast alphabetically and includes their home state...



Jeanne Amis - Texas - Co-Costume Designer

Deena Burke - Washington - Vocal Coach

Anne Beresford Clarke - Massachusetts - Scenic Painter

Mary-Ann Greanier - Massachusettes - Lighting Designer

Lynn Jeffries - California - Set and Costume Designer

Phyllis Look - Hawaii - Directing Fellow

Bruce Odland - Colorado - Sound Designer

Sabrina Peck - New York - Choreographer

Bill Rauch - New Jersey - Director

David Reiffel - Illinois - Composer and Music Director


Bratone Associates - New York - Development Consultants

Jaime Daniels - West Virginia - Company Management Intern

Jarrin Davis - Nebraska - Business Manager

Beth Nathanson - Massachusetts - Acting Managing Director

Dianna Petty - Oregon - Company Manager

Chuck Smith - Illinois - Administraive Fellow

Laura Wiley - Illinois - Humanities/Publicity Director


Elisha Altvater - Maine - Intern

Eva Altvater - Maine - Intern

Paula Altvater - Maine - Crew

Timothy Banker - Massachusetts - Stage Manager

Jimmy Carroll - North Dakota - Crew

Benajah Cobb - Louisiana - Production Manager

Nan Cook - Kansas - Seamstress

Merry Desmond - Florida - Crew

Michael Dunn - Massachusetts - Technical Director

Anthony Liss - Maine - Sound Technician

Andrew Lyons - Oregon - Sound Technician

Wanda McHatton - Oregon - Assistant Stage Manager

Celina Ren - Florida - Intern

Doug Robinson - Maine - Hair and Make-up Artist

Larry Tasker - Kansas - Bus Driver

Pam Thompson - Montana - Master Carpenter/ Electrician

Jason Turipn - Kansas - Crew






Johnny Bain Virginia Polixenes
Any Brenneman Connecticut Chorus Leader
Edret Brinston Mississippi Camilo
Alison Carey Connecticut Paulina
Jessica Carrasco Texas Perdita
Doug Casement Maine Antigonus
Wanda Daniels West Virginia Hermione
Ramona Dewey Nevada Chorus
Peter Howard Massachusetts Leontes
Charlie McHatton Oregon Mamillius
Christopher Moore Massachusetts Panasonic
Bill Parks West Virginia Judge
Rod Pritchard North Dakota Florizel
Ashby Semple Washington, DC Clown
Baylor Semple California Musician
Ron Temple Kansas Farmer
Romi Voorhees Nevada Chorus



Comments by cast, crew, and other participants.


Well, I've only seen the film: not the original production. I've just entered the cast and crew here, and it occurs to me: Where else but in a Cornerstone can one be moved by typing in the cast and crew?


John Flynn


Subsequent Performances or Productions


The HBO documentary CORNERSTONE (IMDB entry here) is a chronicle of this tour. There's a good description of it at the Insignia Films website


Special Notes

Articles, Reviews, and other Links


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