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Title, Premiere and Location



Schurz, Nevada 1988 (pop. 325)


Performed in a tribal welding shop on the Walker River Paiute Indian Reservation.





Written By

Adapted from 
Aeschylus’ THE ORESTEIA 
From a Translation by  
Robert Fagles
Directed by 
Bill Rauch
Original Music and Lyrics by David Reiffel



Aeschylus' trilogy of revenge and redemption, The Oresteia, adapted with full score in a tribal welding shop on the Walker River Paiute Indian Reservation.



Director - Bill Rauch

Associate Director - Joann Green

Producer/House Manager - Gail Berrigan

Set and Costume Designer - Lynn Jeffries

Gowns, Hair and Make-up - Sal-Thomas Taschetta

Choreographer - Sabrina Peck

Musical Director - David Reiffel

Technical Director/Sound Engineer - Benajah Cobb

Assistant Technical Director/Lighting Designer - Mary-Ann Greanier

Stage Manager - David Kunian

Assistant Stage Manager - Billie Jo Smith

Sign Painter - Mel Brown

Banner Construction - Doug Fitch

Costume Construction - Cindy Benjamin, Lynn Jeffries, Sal-Thomas Taschetta, Paul Voorhees

Stage Crew - Amy Brenneman, Tony Dunnett, Yvonne French, Joel Hodes, Tamoke Smiley, Sal-Thomas Taschetta, Alexandra Voorhees, Rosmaire Voorhees

Set Crew - Ramona Dewey, Tony Dunnett, Yvonne French, Darwin Hicks, Gabriel Hicks, Joel Hodes, Ingrid Keady, Danny McGrath, Mollie Smith, Billie Jo Smith, Wallita Thom, Gunars Viksnins, Alexandra Voorhees, Paul Voorhees, Rosemarie Voorhees, Aaron Washington, Ricky Whitefeather






Part One Agamemnon
Slim, The Chorus Leader Peter Howard
Chorus of Tribal Elders: Sparky Gabriel Hicks
Chorus of Tribal Elders: Fuzz Aaron Washingtone
Chorus of Tribal Elders: Zeke Ricky Whitefeather
Watchman Benajah Cobb
Doorman David Kunian
Clytemnestra Amy Brenneman
Paul Paul Voorhees
TV Reporter JoAnn Leyva
Herald Tamoke Smiley
Agamemnon Wayne Johnson
Cassandra Yvonne French
Aegisthus Tony Dunnett
Part Two The Flower Bearers
Patti, the Chorus Leader Peter Howard
Chorus of Slave Girls from Reno Monica Castillo, Andela Dewey, Tweety Rambeu, Mollie Smith
Orestes Christopher Moore
Pylades Tamoke Smiley
Electra Ramona Dewey
Doorman David Kunian
Clytemnestra Amy Brenneman
Orestes' Nurse Rosemarie Voorhees
Aegisthus Tony Dunnett
Paul Paul Voorhees
Part Three The Peace Givers
Gwen, the Chorus Leader Peter Howard
Chorus of Furies Cindy Benjamin, Norma Crowley, Dee Dropkin, Ingrid Keady
Coyote Joel Hodes
Orestes Christopher Moore
Owl Tamoke Smiley
Ghost of Clytemnestra Amy Brenneman
Hawk Alexandra Voorhees
Opera Screamer Miriam Schmir



Comments by cast, crew, and other participants.

Subsequent Performances or Productions

Special Notes

Articles, Reviews, and other Links












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