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Title, Premiere and Location


June 26-30, 1996

California Plaza Watercourt Stage, Los Angeles, CA



Written By

Written By Shishir Kurup

Produced at California Plaza’s Watercourt Stage in Downtown Los Angeles





In celebration of Cornerstone's 10th Birthday - June 30, 1996 - a play created with Angelinos of all ages born on June 30th. Written by Shishir Kurup and performed outdoors in English, with five other languages, at California Plaza.

Cornerstone invited diverse Angelenos who were born on June 30th (the anniversary of the first day of the company’s operations) to create a play together. Inspired by a Thornton Wilder one-act, the play traced a single family through 90 years and several generations, all at a singly non-stop birthday party.





Written By Shishir Kurup

Director - Bill Rauch

Assistant Director - Tim Banker

Executive Producer - Leslie Tamaribuchi

Production Manager - Geoff Korf

Stage Manager - Tim Banker

Producer - Debra Piver

Producer - Janice Mabry

Set Design - Lynn Jeffries

Costume Design - Lynn Jeffries & Dori Quan

Lighting Design - Geoff Korf

Sound Design - Benajah Cobb

Choreographer - Page Leong

Assistant Choreographer - Deborah Greenfield

Poster Design - Toby Yoo

Assistant Stage Manager - Dina Tank

Properties - Dan Forcey

Technical Director - Benajah Cobb

Carpenter - Kimberly Schwartz

Light Board Operator - Joe Friedman

Marketing and PR - Susan Bursk

Crew Head - Aaron Fagel

Running Crew - Lera Ashe, Alfred Pierfax, Aaron Fagel, Michael Garrett, Kene Jones

Sound Board Operator - Benajah Cobb, Fred Stitt





Birthday Clown Harvey Kiltz
Ava Page Leong
Oscar, her husband Paris Barclay
Ma Angeles, his mother Edith Dume
Youngest Lee, born on June 30th Emma Carey Cobb
Nurse 1 Alison Carey
Felix (Oscar's Childhood friend) Van Stewman
Nurse 2 Natalie Temkin
Carey (Lee's lifelong friend) Christopher Liam Moore
Chui/Charles Armando Molina
Lina Diane Robertson
Eleanor Kathleen Cronin
Sam Christopher Egger (Thur/Fri/Sun), Alberto Perez (Wed/Sat)
Ava II Celeste Maglan
Oscar II Robert Simon
Evangeline (a distant cousin) Carolyn Murray
Oldest Lee Irma Ashe
Cabbie Shishir Kurup


Comments by cast, crew, and other participants.

Subsequent Performances or Productions

Special Notes

Articles, Reviews, and other Links


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