Title, Premiere and Location


February 23-25, March 2-4 and March 8-11, 1989

Trace Theater, Port Gibson, Mississippi



Written By

Adapted from the play by William Shakespeare

With Original Music and Additional Lyrics by Larry Davis, David Reiffel, Jerome Williams




Port Gibson, Mississippi (population: 2,371) was the site for ROMEO & JULIET : Shakespeare's tragedy of familial hatreds performed by a racially integrated cast of 40 in a movie theater.



Adapted from the play by William Shakespeare

With Original Music and Additional Lyrics by Larry Davis, David Reiffel, Jerome Williams

Director - Bill Rauch

Producers - Paul Bostwick, Alison Carey

Production Stage Manager - Donal Logue

Company Stage Manager - Alison Carey

Set, Costume and Poster Designer - Lynn Jeffries

Lighting and Sound Designer - Mary-Ann Greanier

Technical Director - Benajah Cobb

Musical Director - Ashby Semple

Fight Director and Choreographer - Colleen Kelly

Technical Assistant - Read McCullough

Set Crew - Claiborne Alford, Constance Alford, Keith Alford, McKenna Alford, Allison Batton, Nancy Batton, Sandy Batton, Christopher D. Berry, Colleen Connor, Virginia Connor, David Crosby, Patty Crosby, Erin Ellis, Annette Louis, Arnette Nash, Dwayne Nash, Al Reed, Ronnie Thomposon, James Young

Lighting Crew - Kenya Summage, Alicia M. Strawberry

Costume Construction - Jane Abraham, Peggy Etheridge, Geneva Hill, Geraldine Nash, Hattie Turpinspeed, Shirley Wilson

Assistant Stage Manager - Billy Howard

Set Crew - Peter Cohn, Ron Temple,

Lighting Crew - Althea Hicks, Candie Wilson

Make-up - Linda Stewart

Concessions - Darlene Schraufnagel

Poster Painters - Ashley Dodgen, Tripp Farr, Melanie Headley, Dwayne Nash, Katrice Thompson




The Chorus Frances Crowell
Sampson, a Montague High student Walter Mays
Leslie, a Montague High student Latrina Holmes
Abram, a Capulet Academy student Graven Bilbo
Paris' Niece, a Capulet Academy student Genni McKey
Benvolio, Romeo's cousin Earl Wilson
Tybalt, Juliet's cousin Ashby Semple
Police Officer Angela Shelton
Mamaw Capulet, Juliet's grandmother Kay Bilbro
Mrs. Capulet, Juliet's mother Kathy Ellis
Mr. Montague Romeo's father
Mrs. Montague, Romeo's mother Estella Reed
Mayor of Verona Mary Curry
Montague Boys, Romeo's brothers Adrian Brown, Darius Holmes
Romeo Montague Edret Brinston
Balthasar, Romeo's friend Allen Curry
Bopper, Romeo's friend Willie Bingham
Paris, a banker Melvin McFatter
Juliet Capulet Amy Brenneman
Capulet Academy Students Jill Disharoon, Dana Schraufnagel, Jeanna Jinks
Montague Memorial High students Stephanie Sampson, Darcy Schraufnagel, Tara Wren
Mint Julep Belles Cathi Dodgen, Peggy Etheridge, Linda Headley
Nurse to Juliet Bobbi Jean Young
Mercutio, Romeo's friend Christopher Moore
Uncle Harry Capulet Jerry Bangham
Father Lawrence, a Catholic priest Peter Howard
Deacon Joan Helen Holmes
Addict in New Orleans David Crosby
Elementary School Students Athena Hynum, Katrice Thompson
Pianist Jerome Williams
Guitars Beth Batton, Larry Davis
Flutes Jeanna Jinks, Joyce Massengill
Singers Frances Crowell, Ariane Davis, Etta Davis, Larry Davis, Jill Disharoon, Kristi Garner, Ronnie Groves, Dwayne Nash, Sandra Nash, Miranda Robinson, Vera Ann Smith, Vickie Waters





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