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Rachel Jendrzejewski

Page history last edited by Rachel Jendrzejewski 11 years, 5 months ago



RACHEL JENDRZEJEWSKI is an interdisciplinary artist who stumbled across Cornerstone in 2004 and has worn many hats in the company ever since, including Staff positions as Communications Manager and Development Associate. Currently she is based in Wroclaw, Poland, serving as Assistant Coordinator for The Grotowski Year 2009. She is also a founding member of The Traveling Neighborhood and a Special Agent for The Beckoning of Lovely.


Roles and Productions  

Mia atTraction
Vocalist & Party Guest Gracious Living/Loft Life
Prop Master A Holtville Night's Dream
Assistant Stage Manager LETHE


Work with Cornerstone

Development Associate, 2008

Communications Manager, 2006-2008

Communications Assistant, 2006

Administrative Intern, 2004


Work Outside Cornerstone



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