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Title, Premiere and Location





Written By

Adapted from PEER GYNT by Henrik Ibsen as translated by Rolf Fjelde

With original music by David Reiffel

Location-Eastport, Maine




Ibsen's epic adapted with music for Eastport, Maine (population: 1,982), the easternmost U.S. town and unfolding between 1930 and 1990. Performed in a Masonic lodge by a cast including residents of the local Passamaquoddy reservation.



Director - Bill Rauch

Producer - James Bundy

Set Designer - Benajah Cobb

Lighting Designer - Mary-Ann Greanier

Composer and Sound Designer - David Reiffel

Costume and Poster Designer - Lynn Jeffries

Choreographer - Anne Tofflemore

Stage Manager - Alice Lyobs Huctchins

Techinical Director - Jay Skriletz

Box Office and House Manager - Patti Payette

Assistant Director - Mary Bassett

Assistant Stage Manager - Helen Martin

Assistant Technical Director - John Sullivan

Assistant to Assistant Technical Director - Michael Sullivan

Assistant Lighting Designer - Karen Strellrecht

Assistant Poster Designer - Kenneth Ouellette

Sound Constructions - Tom McLaughlin, Paul Shockley, Chris Wright

Dialect Coach - Beverly McInnis

Costume Crew - Karen Theriault, Joyce Weber





Esther Deanna Francis
Pier Gynt, her son Christopher Moore
Esther's Friends Deborah Kinney, Judy McGarvey
Cloonan, a shipwright Doug Robinson
The Singer at the Wedding (and others) Ashby Semple
The Three Back-up Singers at the Wedding (and others) Douglas Casement, Carmen Perkins, Maynard Stanley
The People of the Eastport Area Eva Altvater, Liam Casement, David Chicoine, Kathy Chicoine, Fred Engel, Jeffrey Frankland, Jim Glasser, Gerry Kinney, Janet Phelps, Leslie Standlin, Karen Theriault, Seana Tomah, Joyce Weber
Solveig's Father Peter Metcalf
Solveig's Mother Ann Pike
Solveig Amy Brenneman
Helga, Solveig's sister Alayna Wilson
Mike Moon, the Groom Lou Esposito
Mike's Father Wes Moncrief
Mike's Mother Valerie Maggiani
The Father of the Bride (and others) Peter Howard
Ingrid, the bride (and others) Alison Carey
The Lighthouse Keepers Eileen Curtis, Rebecca Day, Beverly McInnis
The Sea Kids Pquites Dana, Alan Stanley, J.R. Stanley, J.R. Stanley, Ivy Toney
Mary, Esther's friend Emma Nichols
The Sea Brat David Claroni
The Airline Passenger Brenda Vonville
The Airline Navigator Anthony Liss
The Sardine Packer Kerry Tobias
A Man at a Pulpit Ed Jordan
Musicians Bruce Kyle (Bass), Barbara Smith (Guitar and Vocals), David Reiffel (Piano)
Waders Robert Burke, Jeffrey Frankland, Amy Metcalf, Ann Sanders, John Sullivan, Liam Casement, Sandy Haddock, Kenneth Oulette, Paul Shockley, Kerry Tobias



Comments by cast, crew, and other participants.

Subsequent Performances or Productions

Special Notes


Articles, Reviews, and other Links





Theater Week Article:










Review by BDN Maine:








1990 Pier Gynt program copy.pdf


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