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August 7-8. 1986



Written by Thorton Wilder 
Performed at The King/Lincoln Park, 
Newport News, Virginia

Produced by Cornerstone Theater Company



A racially integrated production of Thornton Wilder's celebrated play, performed waterside in Newport News, Virginia.













Written by Thornton Wilder

Directed by Bill Rauch

Producer - Alison Carey

Costume and Set Designer - Lynn Jeffries

Musical Director - David Reiffel

Technical Director - Douglas Petrie

Stage Manager - Tim Banker

Sound - Joey Pegram

Lights - Pat Quinn


Set Crew: Tim, Dwayne Patterson and Joe Williams




Brian Ruggaber, Kenneth Rhodes, Antonio Brown, Marcell Parler, Wesley Carter, LaTasha Jordan, Charmaine Smith, La'Shea Fraser, Ronnista Fraser, Rock Concil, Rickey Fink, Tosha Beatrice, Antonios Stowes, Gregory Alston, Jovanka Lewis, Fayolah, Billy, Lannie, and many others.






Stage Manager Sheila Diggs
Dr. Gibbs John Belucci
Joe Crowell Derek White
Howie Newsome Doug Petrie
Mrs. Gibbs Amy Brenneman
Mrs. Webb Judy Weekes
George Gibbs Tony Gentry
Rebecca Gibbs Kim Newby
Wally Webb Robert Perkins
Emily Webb Molly White
Professor Willard Chris Moore
Mr. Webb Hursch Griffith
Woman in Audience Leann Woodhouse
Woman in Audience Marla Thompson
Simon Stimpson Peter Howard
Mrs Soames Belinda Whitney
Constable Warren Bill Davis
Si Crowell Derek White
Baseball Player Gregory McMillan
Mr. Carter Willie White
Woman among the living Kim Thompson



Subsequent Performances or Productions



Special Notes


The following note was included in this first Cornerstone program:


"The Cornerstone Theater Company is a newly formed traveling theater. Over the years to come, Cornerstone will travel all across the United States producing theater with and for the residents of individual communities. Cornerstone would like to thank the residents of Newport News for the support and enthusiasm that has made this first residency so rewarding."


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