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Title, Premiere and Location

FOR HERE OR TO GO?, December 15-24, 2000, Mark Taper Forum



Written By


Written by Alison Carey , inspired by Francis Beaumont's The Knight of the Burning Pestle.

Presented at the Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles



In celebration of Cornerstone's 15th Anniversary , Cornerstone brought together representatives from every Los Angeles community with which they had collaborated (15 communities) in a "City-Wide, Jumbo-Sized, Extra-Value Holiday Show" performed on the Mark Taper Forum's mainstage.


FOR HERE OR TO GO? features a play-within-a-play (the "Interrupted Production") that is eventually hijacked by assorted audience members who (for one reason or another) don't like the drift of the story. Audience members, Center Theater "staff" and folks from outside the theater (like a pizza delivery gal) all battle to keep the story moving forward.


The play is, in a way, a parody of Cornerstone by Cornerstone: one Ensemble member talked about how the show "airs our laundry." Cast members play themselves...and not themselves. Shishir Kurup plays the writer/director of the Interrupted Production. He's not exactly playing himself: it's more like a composite of Cornerstone artists. Some play against type (as with Page Leong's portrait of an uptight actress), and some use the play to reveal truths (as when Peter Howard steps out of character to talk about the invisibility of gays and lesbians in the company's repetoire).



Directed by Bill Rauch

Written by Alison Carey

Songs Composed By Michael Abels and Shishir Kurup

Music Direction by Michael Abels

Set Design by Lynn Jeffries

Costume Design by Christopher Acebo

Lighting Design by Geoff Korf

Sound Design by Paul James

Choreography by Jessican Wallenfels

Fight Direction by Randy Kovitz

Stage Manager - Paula Donnelly

Procuced by Leslie Tamaribuchi

Associate Producer - Damion Teeko Parran

Assistants to the Producers - Celia Anne Brown, Mariko Murakami

Assistant Director - Mark Valdez

Assistant to the Director - Sergio Marin

Production Managers - Amy C. Hiett, Geoff Korf

Assistant to the Production Managers - Jesus Tadeo

Assistant Stage Manager - Bridget Kirkpatrick

Assistant to the Stage Managers - Bobby Don Floyd, Sara Turcios, Janet Escobar

Consulting Stage Manager - Robin Veith

Vocal Coach - Annie Dennis

Properties Designer - Amanda Evans

Assistant Set Designer - Edmund B*Wak Comfort

Properties Carpenters - Rick Hudon, Anthony Lewis

Assitant Costume Designer - Kate Crowley

Assistant Lighting Designers - Celeste Thompson, James Robert Fritz

P.R./Marketing - Tamar Fortgang


For the Mark Taper:

Production Liaison - Tami Toon

Associate Production Manager - Amanda M. Gratton

Resident Sound Designer - Jon Gottleib







Cast of the "Interrupted" Production
Writer/Director of the "Interrupted" production Shishir Kurup
Ms. Chen, a single mother Page Leong
June, her daughter Emily Hong
Nabil, waiter at Food for the Soul Ahmad Enani
Jiddu, his grandfather George Haddad
Mr. Merchant, owner of Food for the Soul Larry Dozier
Mrs. Merchant, his wife Theodora Hardie
Luce Merchant, their daughter Gracy Brown
Mr. Garcia, their best customer Armando Molina
Mr. Humphrey, the Merchant's landlord Peter Howard
Cast Portraying Audience Members
Bruce, Burger King owner Bruce Friedman
Loraine, his wife Loraine Shields
Rafa, their Employee of the Month Omar Gomez
Daniel, Rafa's co-worker Daniel Chacon
MC, another co-worker Marcenus Earl
Harris, another co-worker Harris Craig, Jr.
Nancy, another co-worker Nancy Yee
Tamadhur Tamadhur Al-Aqeel
Nickole, Tamadhur's friend Nickole K. Ivory
Quentin, a Muslim gentleman Quentin Drew
Rob, the yelling boy Rob Kadivar
Gezel, his sister Gezel Nehmadi
Al Miller, resident of the Angelus Plaza Alpheus Merchant
Infant Son of Parents in Row M Liam Tyrese Rauch-Moore
Critic Rob Kendt
Cast Portraying CTG and Performing Arts Center Employees
House Manager Keith Chaffee
Assistant Stage Manager Regina Menez
IATSE Crew Member Bernie Hatt
Usher Christopher Liam Moore
Wardrobe Crew Member Lorraine Lucero
Security Guard Fred A. Fluker
Parking Garage Attendant Rosalio Mendiola
Cast of Police Officers
Officer Jon Jon Greene
Officer Eric Eric Peterson
Office Don Don Wynne
Officer Jim Jim Montoya
Officer Ramona Ramona Beaty
Cast Portraying Other People from the Real World
Pizza Deliver Gal Frances Armijos
Homeless Woman Irma Ashe
Dolly, June Chen's Friend Emma Carey Cobb
Atlanta, June Chen's Friend JoAnn Charles Smith
Musicians ~
Michael Abels ~
Dave Brown ~
Kerry Morris ~
Ryo Okumoto ~



Comments by cast, crew, and other participants.

Subsequent Performances or Productions

Special Notes


Articles, Reviews, and other Links



LA Times article about the Taper: 



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