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Title, Premiere and Location

Crossings, journeys of Catholic immigrants

June 13, 2002 to July 7, 2002

St. Vibiana's Cathedral



Written By


"Replenish the Earth" by Alison Carey

"Authenticite" by Peter Howard

"Esther and the Exodus" by Evangeline Ordaz & Armando Molina

"Beyond the Jordan" by Bernard White

"Afloat" by Page Leong

"The Upper Room" by Bernardo Solano



Playwrights Alison Carey, Peter Howard, Shishir Kurup, Page Leong, Armando Molina, Evangeline Ordaz, Bernardo Solano, and Bernard White adapted Old and New Testament stories to explore the journeys of 5 diverse parishes throughout Los Angeles. Directed by Steve Kent. Performed at St. Vibiana's Cathedral in downtown Los Angeles


The performances began ("Replenish the Earth")and ended ("The Upper Room") at a large ampitheater space constructed in the parking lot facing the front of the cathedral. The four plays in the middle of the program were performed at four different spaces around the grounds. The audience moved from space to space with the help of ghostly guides who led them to...



  • The Courtyard for "Authenticite" by Peter Howard
  • The Basement for "Esther and the Exodus" by Evangeline Ordaz & Armando Molina
  • The Sanctuary for "Beyond the Jordan" by Bernard White
  • The Roof for "Afloat" by Page Leong



Each piece was inspired by a different story or book of the Bible, and featured members of a different Catholic parish


  • Replenish the Earth: inspired by the story of the Tower of Babel, created in collaboration with parish members of St. Philomena Church
  • Authenticite: inspired by the Book of Ruth, created in collaboration with parish members of Aumonerie Catholique Francophone de Los Angeles
  • Afloat: inspired by the story of Noah, created in collaboration with parish members of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church
  • Beyond the Jordan: inspired by the book of Exodus, created in collaboration with parish members  of The Arab American Community of St. Joseph Catholic Church
  • Esther and the Exodus: inspired by the story of the Tower of Babel, created in collaboration with parish members of St. Francis X Cabrini and Ascension Catholic Churches
  • The Upper Room: inspired by the story of the Tower of Babel, created in collaboration with parish members from all of the above






"Replenish the Earth" by Alison Carey

"Authenticite" by Peter Howard

"Esther and the Exodus" by Evangeline Ordaz & Armando Molina

"Beyond the Jordan" by Bernard White

"Afloat" by Page Leong

"The Upper Room" by Bernardo Solano


Overall production Directed by Steve Kent



"Replenish the Earth" by Shishir Kurup

"Authenticite" by Peter Howard

"Esther and the Exodus" by Armando Molina

"Beyond the Jordan" by Juliette Carillo & Mark Valdez

"Afloat" by Page Leong

"The Upper Room" directed by Steve Kent


Additional Isaiah Dialogue Written by Shishir Kurup


Scenic Design by Christopher Acebo

Lighting Design by Geoff Korff

Costume Design by Lynn Jeffries

Composed and Sound Design by Paul James Prendergast

Dramaturged by Bill Rauch

Movement Direction by Julitte Carillo

Properties Design by Sandy Huse

Stage Managed by Paula Donnelly and Bridget Kirkpatrick


Producers - Damion Teeko Parran, Mark Valdez

Artistic Director - Bill Rauch

Managing Director - Shay Wafer

Production Manager - Geoff Korf

Asst. Production Manager - Celeste Thompson

Technical Director - Joseph Shannon

Asst. to the Director - Erik Johnson

Set Construction - Ivica Bojcic, Andres Galvan, Ying Ming Tu, Melissa Zygmant

Asst. Stage Managers - Andres Galvan, Alejandra Navarro, Terrence Moriarty

Master Electrician - Efrain Morales

Electricians - Prince DeLeon, Mark Migdal, Roger Nakesone, Seth Schwartz, Jamie Smith

Light Board Operator - Celeste Thompson

Sound Engineer & Op. - B.C. Keller

Choreographer's Asst. - Laura Baumann

Costume Assistants - Mom Gonzalez, Jennifer Romo

Wardrobe Person - Andres Galvan

House Manager - Margaret Ret DeBrown

Box Office Manager - Erica Warren

Parking Attendant - George Joaquim

PR/Marketing Asst. - Ivica Bojcic

Graphic Designer - D. Morris

Understudies - Napoleon Jacobs, Nghia Luu, Byron Quiros, Annie Yee

Dir. of Community Partnerships - Elizabeth Gonzalez

PR/Marketing - Tamar Fortgang

Sign Interpreters - Elizbeth Barrett, Elizabeth Green

Site Representative - Patrick Foster




Player 1 Nghia Luu
Payer 4 Charisse Nini
Player 3 Rafael Simon
Father John Graber
Son Royce Graber, Ronald Doung
Mother Virginia Aguada
The Architect Manuel Sanchez
The Engineer Emilia Chinelo Onuorah
Friend 1 Laura Baumann
Friend 2 Napoleon Jacob
Friend 3 Jun Go
Isaiah Shishir Kurup
Choir Peter Howard, Michelle Lamar Richards, Kahlil Sabbagh, Myra Vasquez, Rafael Salgado, Jr., Samuel Salgado, Robert Giles, Stephanie Sanchez
Ramsey Guillermo Aviles Rodriguez
Marianne Lulu Emery
Musa Jiddu Haddad
A'reen Dinna Omar
Jawdette Kahlil Sabbagh
John Bernard White
Thresea Alice Gasperian
Noeih Yonn Doung
Sokenthear Sokuntear Soth (Unnamed Wife of Noeih's son)
Yehope Phansy Peang (Unnamed Wife of Noeih's son)
Hangsa Vyla Thu (Unnamed Wife of Noeih's son)
Mrs. Noeih Samath Yam
The Dove Michelle Yem
Boy Soldiers Ronald Doung
Rappers Nong Vibol, Salin Kim
Andre LaVelle Wilson
Naomi Michelle Lamar Richards
Ruth Mary Nkiese
Orpah CoCo Betu Kayombo
Pere Ian Peter Howard
Mojado/Musician Rafael Salgado Jr.
Mojado/Musician Samuel Salgado
Martin Rafael Salgado
Esther Maria Sanchez
Rogelio Rafael Simon
Rey Armando Molina
Esther's Father Jose Valente Sanchez
Esther's Mother Mayra Vasquez
Coyota Linda Sanchez
Coyote/Bandit Robert Giles
Rosalinda Stephanie Sanchez
Izy Shishir Kurup
Junior Nghia Luu
Rey Armando Molina
Sokunthear Page Leong
Sangkim Sokunthear Soth
John Bernard White
Jawdette Kahlil Sabbagh
Naomi Michele Lamar Richards
Esther Maria Sanchez
Ian Peter Howard
Ruth Mary Nkiese
Guide Aaron Caloca
Guide Sarah Leddy
Guide Lourdes Lopez
Guide Karla Menjivar
Guide Kristine Ronquillo
Guide Ernesto Sanchez
Guide Melissa Zygmant





Comments by cast, crew, and other participants.

Subsequent Performances or Productions

Special Notes


Articles, Reviews, and other Links


Backstage article:



LA Times article:



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