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Cornerstone Education Programs

Page history last edited by sara james 12 years, 1 month ago

Cornerstone's Educational Programs include...


Literature to Life - Literature to LifeĀ®, Los Angeles (in association with American Place Theatre) is a two-hour participatory performance workshop for middle and high school students, designed to promote literacy through theater.


Youth Community Classroom - Youth Community Collaboration combines our Education Department's success at making meaningful theater for young audiences with Cornerstone's unique methodology of creating community-inspired theater. Students are involved as actors and writers, telling the stories of their communities on stage.


Theater Tools in the Classroom - Theater Tools in the Classroom provides professional development workshops for educators.


The Altavater Fellowship - The Altvater Fellowship is an eight-week residency program for individuals pursuing community-based theater.


Set design die cutting and machining- Ability to learn set design from the perspective of the builders themselves in the props shop.

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paula d said

at 5:07 pm on Jan 15, 2009

As of early 2008, Cornerstone's Education programing had shifted and reduced significantly. Programming for youth is mostly integrated into the company's standard Community-Collaboration model in the form of Youth Community Collaborations, as noted above, though I think that is an error in the defining title. Literature to Life, while still living on in the originating company American Place Theater in New York, is no longer produced by Cornerstone. Theater Tools in The Classroom is no longer offered by Cornerstone, and "Set design and die cutting and machining" is from some very other company and/or place, never has been a Cornerstone offering.
The annual Altvater Fellowship continues.

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