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Title, Premiere and Location

Candude, or, The Optimistic Civil Servant

June 12-30, 1997

Produced at Los Angeles Public Library’s Central Branch



Written By

Written by Tracy Young

Adapted from Candide by Voltaire

Music Composed by Shishir Kurup, Joe Romano, Laurence O'Keefe, and Kyle Gass



The culmination of the company's WORK/PLACE project involving Los Angeles Police Department, Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Los Angeles Public Library and U.S. Postal Service employees in Tracy Young's new musical adaptation of Voltaire's Candide, performed as a roving, site-specific journey through L.A.'s Central Library.


A series of writing workshops with police officers and librarians culminated in story-telling performances. MTA employees and US Postal Service workers joined the mix in this site-specific adaptation, produced in and outside of LA’s Central Library.





Written by Tracy Young

Music Composed by Shishir Kurup, Joe Romano, Laurence O'Keefe, and Kyle Gass

Directed by Shishir Kurup

Set Designer - Rachel Hauck

Lighting Designer/Production Manager - Geoff Korf

Sound Designer - Paul Prendergast

Costume Designer - Dori Quan

Choreographer - Corky Dominguez

Composer/Musical Director - Joe Romano

Musical Director - David Markowitz

Production Stage Manager - Valerie Claxton

Associate Lighting Designer and Master Electrician - Cynthia Wimmer

Technical Director - Rene Moreno

Assistant Stage Manager - Damion Teeko Parran

Prop Master - Craig Kraynick

Light and Sound Crew - Eric Almquist, Andrew Escobar, Moises J. Moya

Costume Assistant - Bertha Mungia, Zenaida Munguia

Scenic Painter - Nadia Reed

Carpenter - Ted Shred

Producer - Leslie Tamaribuchi

Artistic Director - Bill Rauch

Public Relations Coordinator - Tamadhur Al-Aqeel

Production Assistant - Daniel Forcey

Production Intern - Michelle Real

Library Technician/Sound Operator - Michael White

Cultural Programs Coordinator - Toby Dell

Cultural Programs Director - Louise Steinman








Construction Worker Joe Romano
Library Grrls ~
Clytemnestra Lovey Davis
Emma Therese Hernandez
Juliette Lisa Ann O'Neal
The Mayor Keith Chaffee
Page Tome Page Leong
Dr. Pangloss Peter Howard
Paquette Deborah Strayhand
Goon One Fred Fluker
Goon Two David Twitchell
Guitarist David Markowitz
Candude Christopher Liam Moore
Danny Daniel Ochoa
Martin Larry Dozier
Postal Workers ~
Sam Lorraine Lucero
Sammi Deborah Strayhand
Samuel Roderick Sweetwine
The Man Keith Chaffee
Johnny the Cop Quentin Drew
John the Cop Fred Fluker
Booking Officer David Twitchell
Police Academy Instructor David Twitchell
Demonstrators Marva Bright, Keith Chaffee, Lorraine Lucero, Moises J. Moya, Daniel Ochoa, Roderick Sweetwine
Luz Regina J. Menez
Steelie Dawn Deborah Strayhand
Cardinal Baloney Keith Chaffee
Maid Lorraie Lucero
Joe Cacambo Roderick Sweetwine
Cop 1 David Twitchell
Cop 2 Marva Bright
Alien 1 Daniel Ochoa
Alien 2 Deborah Strayhand
Alien 3 Fred Fluker
Mooky Mouse Keith Chaffee
Taxi Driver David Twitchell



Comments by cast, crew, and other participants.

Subsequent Performances or Productions

Special Notes


Articles, Reviews, and other Links


LA Times Article:



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